What Every Church Website Needs


By Elviera Schreuder

If you are getting ready to set up your church website, or you have to build a website for a ministry then this article is for you.

The most important part of every website is the content you put on it and how user-friendly it is.

A website needs to serve the visitor, and if you place things there the visitors are not interested in, then the website will not be as useful as you envisioned.

Below are a list of things every church website needs:

Name of Church/Ministry – usually the logo.
One liner – purpose of the ministry in one sentence.
Location, map, directions, service times and office schedule.
Photos of people partaking in ministry events.

Mission, vision, and core values of your ministry.
Staff and leadership profiles.
Statement of Beliefs – You want people to easily understand what brand of Christianity your church subscribes to.

All the ways users can contact you from the website.
Contact form with checkboxes indicating what they are contacting you for.
Contact details.
Social media profile links.
Location, map, directions, service times and office schedule.

Explain everything that a first-time guest would need to know: nursery, restrooms, children’s ministry, parking lot, front entrance, coffee/refreshments, etc. Tell them exactly what they can expect when they visit your church/ministry for the first time.
Give a breakdown of what the service might be like, describing the music, sermon, and content of the service.

An in depth listing of ministries in your church.
Give a description of what the ministry does, who can participate, and when they meet or serve. Provide contact information for how to get more information about each ministry.

Podcast/blog/past sermons etc. – this keeps them coming back to your page.

GIVE PAGE: This is for online donations and is a good thing to have.

CALENDAR PAGE: Announcements and calendar of events.

BLOG: Fresh articles, sermon notes, etc.

Does your church have these on its site? What would you add to this list?


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