Is there another name for a “blog”?

Maybe the term “blog” won’t resonate well with your readers, so it would be better to refer to it as something more suited to your target audience.

“Blog” has evolved extensively from its original name, “web log,” or “weblog.” These terms were coined in 1997 before being abbreviated to “blog” in 1999.

For Wired Ink, I chose learn because I would love for you to learn from our website and so felt that it was the perfect fit to suit marketing tips, design trends, useful terminology and helpful ideas et cetera that will feature here.

Here is a list I created to assist you in choosing a perfect word for your website blog:

  • Customer Resources
  • Newsworthy
  • Info
  • Information
  • Info Blog
  • Updates and Info
  • Seasonal Updates
  • Seasonal Info
  • The Latest
  • Chit Chat
  • Updates
  • News
  • Insider News
  • Portal
  • News Bulletin
  • Industry Updates
  • Customer Corner
  • Resource Hub
  • Resources
  • Events
  • Press Release
  • Inspiration

If you want to brand yourself you could try something like: Danny’s DIY, Bella’s Big Ambition, Everyday Ernie, My Big and Fabulous Blog…

You can Choose a sentiment you wish to convey and work around it. How about Mike Be True, if honesty is important or Mom’s Joining Up if community is important.

You can also take a line from a song or poem. Keep it short, however.

You may also choose a futuristic name that will last for a long time. Example: DNA-Voice.

What would you add to the list?